About JobsInTech

The idea of JobsInTech was born in 2013 between 2 computer science students while we were in our final year in school. It was the time to find a job, the right job. As a developer, finding a job isn't hard but finding the right job at the right company is another story altogether.

We started as a community and grew to over 3k members over the course of a year and a half. That's when we decided to take it to the next level. JobsInTech.io was born!

JobsInTech.io is a simple website made by developers for tech people. We aim to connect startups all over the world with startup like-minded developers, system administrators, database architects, etc.

We have developed numerous partnerships with schools, alumni networks, and developer communities. Each time a job is published on our website, it will be reposted to our partner websites if it meets the criteria of a dream job.

In just one click, we can reach up to 10,000 job seekers!

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