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Blockspring is the single hub to build, share, and discover tools and services.

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Ruby Node.js
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Job in San Francisco, CA, United States

Blockspring makes building an application as easy as writing a function. And we're looking for an insatiable Developer as our first engineering hire!Your day-job won't be rewriting legacy code or taking order from a pm. You'll be learning fast, jumping between the front end, back end, and infrastructure for a functions-as-a-service platform. As our first engineering hire, you will grow fast as a developer. And you have the opportunity to grow fast as an entrepreneur too.  What about us? We are 3 full-stack devs. We've known each other for the past 7-10 years. We solve big problems and are funded to do so by Y Combinator along with the... more

Designer of Products

Job at Blockspring
Job in San Francisco, CA, United States

We're looking for a scrappy Product Designer to make the world's code accessible and useful for everyone.Your day-job won't be to restyle buttons and take orders from a manager. You'll be creating unique interactions, talking with users, making critical product decisions, and be actively involved in company vision, hiring, and messaging. As one of our first employees, you will grow fast as a designer, as a leader, and as an entrepreneur.Here's our major design problem: how do you build an experience that works for both programmers and end-users? The Blockspring platform sits in between those two worlds. It's not an easy problem, but it's... more