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At its core, education has a fundamental data problem: schools run on legacy infrastructure that's impossible for hackers to build on top of. We're on a mission to replace the terrible things that developers have to do to build classroom software (think nightly CSV FTP transfers) with an API that feels more like Facebook's or Stripe's:

When we started two years ago, four schools used Clever. Today, Clever is used by over 30,000 schools, making it the fastest-growing company in education. We're looking for talented hackers who want to help us build Clever into something every school, student, and teacher relies on.

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At Clever, we’re building a distributed platform for educational software.  Our API helps developers get their educational applications in front of millions of students, and it helps schools manage all their apps while keeping their students’ data secure - for free.  We’ve also experienced incredible growth: after only two years of existence, we’re moving data for 13 million students, and we’re in 1 in 4 schools in America (over 30,000 schools).  We’ve just raised a $30M Series B, and we’re ready to expand even more rapidly.Where you fit in:We’re looking for full stack engineers: developers who are willing to work across the stack and... more