Paris, IDF, France
Founded in 2013


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Our growing team of data scientists, software engineers, marketing, and sales are located in Paris’ center, the Chatelet neighborhood. Today we are 25. By the end of the year, we’ll be double. Our team is professional, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. We work hard but we also know how to relax. We like data but we also like haikus. We like serious but we also like fun.
Our goal is to remove the barriers and daily pains that burden data enthusiasts. We believe that simplified machine learning is the creative leap that will revolutionize the way people build their business applications. That’s why we’ve developed Data Science Studio (DSS), the interactive end-to-end data science workspace for analysts, developers, and statisticians.
DSS is used by more than 30 clients in divers industries such as e-commerce, smart cities, finance, and insurance. It enables data scientists and analysts to build disruptive applications for digital marketing, user experience, fraud detection, predictive maintenance, sales optimization, etc.
If the data ecosystem sparks your curiosity, if to you “big data” rings as a buzz word, and if you like the challenge of linking raw data to real business, Dataiku is the place for you!

3 job offers:

Full-Stack R&D Engineer

Java JavaScript Python AngularJS Hadoop
Job at Dataiku
Job in Paris, France

We're looking for exceptional software developers to join us at Dataiku. As a R&D engineer, you will build a cutting-edge product that has a real impact on our customers. You will solve complex problems that range from performance and scalability to usability.Data Science Studio is essentially written in Java, Python and Javascript. We use modern technologies from the backend to the frontend, like Spark, Hadoop and AngularJS.You are the ideal recruit if:You are a full stack engineer. You know that low-level MapReduce in Java and slick web applications in Javascript are two sides of the same coin and are eager to use both.You know that... more

Front-End Developper

AngularJS D3.js
Job at Dataiku
Job in Paris, France

We're looking for Front-end Developper to join us at Dataiku. As an Front-End Developper , you will help building cutting-edge interfaces and visualizations to make our product Data Science Studio much more awsome.You are the ideal recruit if:You are crazy about usability and details (yes, as the UX guy above).You really like making crazy things with a browser.A first significant experience (either professional or personal) building a web based professional product would be a big plus. Experience with some front-end technologies (AngularJS, D3.js, ... ) or with some technologies of the Big Data and analytics stack is also a plus.more

(Big) Data Scientist

JavaScript Python SQL Hadoop
Job at Dataiku
Job in Paris, France

We're looking for a Data Scientist to join Dataiku. As A Data Scientist your role will be to help our customers to build their first Data Science Applications.Crunch, analyze and investigate on any kind of dataExplore new machine learning algorithmsBuild attractive visualizationsYou are the ideal recruit if:You have a willingness to apply mathematical models to a large variety of problemsYou're not afraid to open your favorite editor and start coding in Python from time to timeLarge Distributed Systems (Hadoop, Spark) is your playgroundYou know that “overfitting” is not about an excessive amount of physical exercisemore