Hyperledger (HYPER, INC.)

San Francisco, CA, United States

Founded in 2015


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Total jobs posted: 2

Hyper, Inc. are the creators and primary contributors to the open source Hyperledger project. We're a small, funded startup taking a pragmatic approach to revolutionising the world of finance. We believe in free and open source software and building sustainable business models based on the needs of our users. Based in the heart of San Francisco, you would be one of the first hires and would work directly with the founders every day.

We don't believe in micro-management, you must be a self starter bringing your own ideas to the table and not just looking to take orders. We use tools developers love, like Git, Trello, and Slack, and put the engineering team first. We're looking for collaborators who want to take meaningful equity and be part of the team for the long term.

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