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We are a platform which facilitates the conversion of semi-structured information in web pages into structured data. This structured data can be used for anything from driving business decisions to integration with apps and other platforms. For developers, they offer real-time data retrieval through their JSON REST-based and streaming APIs, integration with many common programming languages and data manipulation tools, as well as a federation platform which allows up to 100 data sources to be queried simultaneously.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Java Python C++ Machine learning Artificial intelligence
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Job in London, United Kingdom comprises of many different and distributed parts, and we're looking for someone who will help their complex and challenging systems evolve and grow! You will be the lead of their Machine Intelligence team that creates and evolves their data identification and intelligence technology, powered by data from their data extraction technology like Magic ( We have begun to utilize the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (including Deep Learning) and Natural Language Processing, and want someone to accelerate this.What we expect:Great communication skills.To have a great attitude, and be fun... more