Paris, IDF, France
Founded in 2014


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"The app Google Maps forgot to do! Among the hundreds of apps that are emerging every week, we bet it will soon be a must-have in our smartphone." - VANITY FAIR

"Mapstr, the app Google should have developed with Maps, to let users save all their favorites places" - GQ

"This is probably the simplest app of the world, and yet, it will go directly into the top 5 of your most used apps!" - MERCI ALFRED

"The smartest app of 2015" - GRAZIA

"The best « Food at first sight » app" - GLAMOUR

Mapstr is an incredibly easy to use application that let you save all your favorite places on a map!

Publicly released only 3 months ago, Mapstr has a great traction, with amazing reviews on App Store. We're growing fast, and we now need to accelerate.
Want to be a part of it? Come and join us!

1 job offer:

Développeur iOS - Appli préférée de GQ, Merci Alfred , Glamour & Grazia !

iOS Objective-C swift
Job at Mapstr
Job in Paris, France

Objective-C has no secret for you? You've built a weather app just for fun? You dream of always more beautiful and fluid interfaces, you can't wait playing with WatchKit?... Join us!!You love MapKit, Parse and CGContext? You spend hours on StackOverflow and NSHipster? You always want to learn more, or to optimize your code performance?... Join us!!You have an entrepreneurial mind, you want to participate in creating an app already awarded by GQ, Merci Alfred, Grazia and Glamour in just a few months? Join us!The position: Full member of the team!Active participation in the creation of future featuresNative development of future features,... more