Owl Perception

Paris, Île-de-France, France

Founded in 2015


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We are a small company but we have great ambitions. We want to create a new type of entertainment by using tech opportunities delivered by new generations of VR headsets devices. Keywords are live, VR and mind-blowing experience.

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Unity3D/Unreal Engine Developper

JavaScript Node.js Unity C#
Job at Owl Perception
Job in Paris, France

We are starting a new venture and developing an innovative technology merging video, and immersive 3D reconstruction. We have the ambition to create a new type of entertained event experience through an interactive interface.  You will work with a team of VR video experts and you will focus on the launch of a " proof of concept" based on music content. You’ll be in charge of designing the different parts of the interface and developing the optimal user experience in VR. Located in a vibrant area in the heart of Paris, you will rub other innovative companies and will be part of an active network of rich diversity and skills.more