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Shipstr provides a web site and platform that businesses can use to book transportation for international freight. Making arrangements for pallets of goods to get from a factory in one country, across an ocean, to a customer in another country is a complicated, expensive process that is difficult to manage. Small and medium sized businesses typically rely on freight brokers to make all of the arrangements paying a steep price, surrendering control and suffering long delays to get questions answered. Shipstr is the first online platform to provide shippers with transparent access to the service providers they need to have commercial freight transported overseas. Shippers will benefit from the reduced cost of shipping, instant quotes, improved decision making by showing service provider lead times, ratings and reliability, and streamlined communications with the selected service providers. Shipstr will offer a platform that will do for the “travel of pallets” what the Internet has done for the “travel of people.”

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About Shipstr: Shipstr is the first online platform for businesses to book and manage end-to-end transportation for international freight. We're committed to providing cost-savings, transparency, and vastly increased efficiency for our customers. We're passionate about international trade and new technology. We're looking for smart, motivated people who share our belief that international trade should be accessible to everyone.This position offers generous equity and competitive compensation. We offer full health, dental, and vision benefits. The Company recognizes the importance of vacation time in providing rest, recreation and personal... more