Paris, IDF, France

Founded in 2014


Series A
Current jobs opening: 5
Total jobs posted: 9

We launched our services by the end of 2014 and have worked with almost 900 events so far. We are growing quickly, and are now opening an office in Canada.

Swapcard is also a great startup with 15 young and passionate team members. We’ve just closed a new fundraising deal which will soon let us grow to 35 members and conquer new territories. We have a very strong team spirit and we love to learn new things.

5 job offers:

React Developer

React JavaScript User Experience
Job at Swapcard
Job in Paris, France

YOUR MISSIONThere are currently 2 interfaces, for organizers and for users, and we’re building a 3rd one for us to monitor events using our services. They are built in Angular 1, and it’s now time to redesign them and switch to React.You’ll be responsible for (re-)building from scratch one of these interfaces.Your mission is to:Provide the best experience for the userMake it performing & scalableYOUR PROFILESolid knowledge in React and JS/ES6Very sensitive to UX and UIFamiliar with unit testingSensitive to scalability and securityRigorous, autonomous and resourcefulYou love to learn and to tackle challengesWe look for fast learners... more

Node.js Backend Developer

Node.js NoSQL
Job at Swapcard
Job in Paris, France

YOUR MISSIONYou’ll be working on the product, meaning the core of Swapcard, with a focus on 2 missions: Make it seamless for organizers to set the app for their event, and for us to monitor it Bring more values to exhibitors and help them finding customers during eventsThis includes:Development and optimization of services in Node.jsIntegration of ticketing APIsBidirectional synchronization with CRMsYOUR PROFILESolid knowledge in Node.js and JS/ES6 (professional experience or personal project)Familiar with Asynchronous I/O and NoSQL databasesSensitive to scalability and securityRigorous, autonomous and resourcefulYou love to learn and to... more

Data Scientist

Big data Machine learning
Job at Swapcard
Job in Paris, France

You’ll be working on two crucial aspects of our product:Improving our matchmaking algorithm We suggest each attendee the most relevant profiles to meet during an event. We use Stanford Core NLP, ConceptNet5, and Neo4J. You’ll be working on machine learning and NLP.Structuring and analyzing data, Statistics We gather a lot of data from our databases ( product analytics to API’s integration). Your mission will be to provide metrics and insights for the whole team, but also to our customers.You’ll be able to collaborate with an R&D lab when necessary.more

PHP Backend Developer

Symfony Redis Elasticsearch RabbitMQ AWS Docker
Job at Swapcard
Job in Paris, France

You’ll be working on the API, meaning the core of Swapcard! Scalability and security will be your priorities! You’ll be in charge of:Developing new services and optimizing existing onesPerforming technical research on architecture and working on its implementationIncreasing the test coverage (today 70% of the API)The API is built on Symfony2 and GraphQL. Our backend stack also includes Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ and Docker. We rely on AWS on our server side. We are also increasingly using Node.js for micro-services.more

Quality & Performance Engineer

API Unit testing Architecture
Job at Swapcard
Job in Paris, France

We are at a crucial step in our development, and your mission will be to help us to scale and reach our ambitions. Your mission won’t be visible but Swapcard’s success won’t be possible without it.Your responsibilities include:Monitoring a Q&A providerImproving the general performance code and productManaging a reporting tool for bug and feedbackHelping the whole tech team in implementing processes and unit testingmore