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Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
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The Squeeze is a wine and travel guide for South America and beyond with down to earth editorial, entertaining videos and infographics, and a network of local experts putting people in touch with people to get the best experience you can while traveling or tasting the wine of the region. Our series of winery guides are built around map guides of the wine regions with useful and entertaining information.

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Hiring a Web & App Developer

Android iOS WordPress Bootstrap Backend
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Job in Santiago, Chile

Looking for a developer with a passion for travel & a GSOH who enjoys a good class of wine and long walks on the beach. The Squeeze is looking for a developer or development team for front and back end development of a travel and wine website and a series of app guides related to travel, wine, tourism experiences and connecting local experts. The project has a mobile element, so iOS or Android experience are necessary. You'll have at your disposal a team of designers, writers, travel opportunities and a cellar filled with wine - all we ask you to do is help us with the creative and technical part. Open to full time, part time and... more