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Founded in 2015


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Vooter is a friendly, supportive and entrepreneurial environment, with a strong emphasis on doing the very best work that we can, learning a lot and having as much fun as possible along the way. We’re focused and ambitious and believe we can be the best in the world at what we do.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt, France, Vooter is the forefront platform for digital cpnsultation.
Reaching an audience of 3 million unique users by 2017, we increase engagement within communities Either you are a company seeking feedback from your customers, a city with its citizen or a band with its fans. Vooter’’s mission is simple: to deliver the most efficient and fun consultation tool. Either on the group side or on the user experience side.

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Web developer

HTML CSS Ruby API Database design
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About Vooter:Vooter is an interactive app between Citizens and Mayors via digital consultationsAbout the job:WANTED: An pro active and entrepreneurial Web Dev to develop the Web app and database from the specs up to the successful beta test..Vooter is aiming to become the leading platform for consultation. We’re building a top team of people who are passionate about delivering the most awesome product fit on the planet. We are looking to fullfill our Web Dev role.You are a self-starter, entrepreneurial, accountable, reliable, warm, gregariousExtremely focused on personal performance – loves metrics and targets and loves smashing... more