Frequently Asked Questions

What is JobsIntech?

JobsIntech is a portal that offers services around immigration. Our range of services include a job board mostly focusing on remote jobs or jobs that comes with a work visa, a search engine that lets you browse through over 7 million immigration records, explore salaries in the U.S. and look up immigration lawyers.

Who are the people behind JobsIntech?

We are programmers who worked for different companies in different countries.
We often help friends to either hire programmers or find jobs. This website is the result of several years of helping friends and trying to turn this into a larger scale.

How much does it cost to use the website?

It's free.

Why is it free?

Why is it free? Because we can. However, we are in the process of adding paid features.

Why use JobsIntech instead of another websites?

Why use... Why not? It is free, it works and the information is reliable unlike our competitors.

How long is it going to be free?

That, we can't answer, so 42

How can I create a company profile?

You need to register as a recruiter. Once it's done, go to your your dashboard and click on the "Company" button.

How can I edit my company profile?

If you had created your company profile previously, you need to be logged in. Once it is done, go to your your dashboard and click on the "Company" button.

If you find your company profile and would like to edit it, you need to claim it by clicking on the “Claim This Business” button on the company profile page.

I'd like to add more information about my company?

Tell us what you need, shoot us an email

Someone wrongfully created a profile about my company and it is terrible.

Send us an email with proof and we will delete the company profile.

How can I delete my company?

Shoot us an email.

I need more tags!

If the tags you need are generic send us an email; we will happily add them. However, we currently do not want to add tags for version such as Symphony2, Ruby On Rails 4, ...

Can I delete a job offer?

Yes but only if no one applied to it and if you created it less than 24h ago otherwise you can terminate it. No one but you will be able to see it in either case.

I found the perfect candidate, can I delete the offer?

Instead of deleting a job offer, you can terminate it. No one but you will be able to see it.

No one replied to our job offer yet!

However to increase the number of potential applicants, make sure all relevant information is complete(salary, locations, ...).
Also writing the offer in English increases your chances. Foreigners want to move abroad and work for different startups.

We currently don't have an automatic system to feature job ads on the homepage. However if you send us an email; we can work it out with you.

I am a Head Hunter, is there a way to browse through your jobseekers?


I am a jobseeker, but I'd like to change it to a recruiter.

We currently do not allow users to change. We may or may not in the future. You currently need to create a new account.

I am a jobseeker. How can I add more information about myself?

Tell us what you would like to add. This could be in the next release!

How can I delete my account.

Shoot us an email!

I am a lawyer and I am not on your website.

Shoot us an email and we will look into it!

The information about me is incorrect!

Shoot us an email and we will correct it!

How can I claim my profile?

There is a green button "Claim This Business" on the top of your profile. You just need to click it to start the process.

Why am I on this website?

We have indexed all LCA and PERM records since 2000. You are on this website because between 2000 and now, you have worked on at least one case of LCA or PERM. This website is a great way to acquire new customers, you should make the best of it by claiming your profile now!

Can I get a better ranking on your search engine?

Absolutely, we are selling premium placements that will make you appear more often in the results. Interested? Shoot us an email.

Where did you get your data from?

LCAs and PERMs are public records and provided by the "Office of Foreign Labor Certification".

I want J-1, O-1, L-1, ... visa records.

These records are not yet public information. We have made Freedom of Information Act requests and they got denied so far but we are not giving up. We are still battling with the different state departments to get those records.

Is your data better than what is already available?

Definitely! We are the largest immigration database with over 7 million government records since 2000. Regarding the published salaries they all come from official government records and are 100% trustable. We do not depends on user generated content which is often fake.

Who uses your data?

Everyone uses our data. Journalists often contact us or use the search engine to write stories. We have countless stories published in the most read newspapers around the world. Researchers are also asking us to help them with the data we have. Companies and employees are also using our data to get insights on other companies and salaries.

Do you have an API?

Yes. We have a free API for researchers, journalists and non-profits. We are also rolling out a powerful business API. Contact us for more information.

I have a question and couldn't find the answer in the FAQ!

Shoot us an email with your question!

I am lazy, and I don't want to read all this!

Shoot us an email with your question!