Digital Nomad needed for Laravel projects

jQuery LAMP Bootstrap Laravel
Blue Mango Business
Naxos, Greece
Visa sponsor
Work Remote
Salary: €700.00 - €1,500.00

About Blue Mango Business:

Digital Agency for Digital nomads

About the job:

We're looking for a talented PHP dev, who has a good knowledge of Laravel (PHP) and Bootstrap (HTML5/CSS3) to help us deliver time sensitive projects for a few months (from 4 to 6). (Given salary is monthly, adjusted on experience)
Self made accepted, part-time also.

Type of projects (and techs) you will work on:
- Innovative e-learning project with WebSockets and other cool stuffs
- Reusable booking system engine (book anything, from cars to hotel room)
- Real estate ad website

Skills that matter:
- PHP with a high level (minimum of a good level with Laravel)
- HTML5/CSS3 high level (you're coding clean and you know why)
- English speaking/writing (French is a plus, Modern Greek would be awesome but,...yeah don't worry)
- A good knowledge of SEO (white hat)
- Serious
- LINUX/APACHE/MySQL knowledge

Skills that will make the difference: 
- A good knowledge of SEO (Blackish hat) (we will not ask anything illegal, but it's good to know how they do it so we can be smarter)
- Node.js would be cool (with MangoDB)
- Photoshop (designer style)
- inDesign (printer style, like you're able to make a .indd for a bar menu)
- It's not a skill but if you've done a nice IT {school.} that would make us feel safer

From where you will work:
Two options. First, you want to see how's a nice Greek Island and you'll travel to meet the CEO and work from there. Expect sun, heat, beach, sea but work. Second, you have something else (unmovable girlfriend, airplane fear, sea allergies, etc) and you want to work from wherever you live. Fine with us. We'll hangout each others.

When you will work:
Anytime you want, how many hours you want, depending on workload but expect the first 2 months to be tough!

Opportunities of evolution:
Full time position with Equities

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