Embedded developer

Python C++ Node.js Git
Mountain View, CA, United States
Full Time
Visa sponsor
Work Remote
Salary: €88,000.00 - €104,000.00

About Verdigris:

Verdigris is a energy monitoring system. We pair hardware with AI, to deliver insights into your facility’s energy usage, down to the device

About the job:


# TL;DR - Verdigris is real-time energy intelligence for facilities managers. It allows them to react faster with device-level monitoring and real time alerts and invest and plan smarter.

# Details 
Why? We spend 90% of our time in buildings. They are the single largest consumer of electricity in the world yet they are inefficiently run and waste more than half. ($400B @ $.10kwh).

What? Verdigris enables real-time detection, identification and analysis of the electrical equipment in buildings, providing unprecedented insights about behavior and usage.

So? Insights from the system can enable decisions to reduce electricity consumption (e.g., replace energy hogging equipment with more efficient options, optimize lighting and HVAC settings). It could also predict equipment maintenance and improve up-time (e.g., detect lights that need replacement, and detect an HVAC motors and pumps that may be malfunctioning).


Verdigris technologists are determined to meld the worlds of buildings and big data with a UI that anyone can understand. Passionate, resourceful, and quick-witted, we delight in breaking down and solving big puzzles. We’re going to revolutionize the way electricity is understood and consumed. If you’d like to have a hand in shifting the demand curve, join us. We’ve only just begun.

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