Frontend Engineer

JavaScript HTML CSS Ruby on Rails Sass
Craft Coffee
New York, NY, United States
Full Time
Visa sponsor
Work Remote
Salary: $75,000.00 - $145,000.00

About Craft Coffee:

Craft Coffee is fundamentally rethinking the $71B coffee industry. We're the first true tech startup in coffee.

About the job:

Technology enables a customer-centered approach to coffee

Hundreds of millions of people drink coffee every day. But the industry's approach is entirely upside down. Each company decides how they think coffee is supposed to taste and then they dictate their preferences to their customers as if it's objective truth. Well, it's not. They just aren't very original thinkers. Our goal is to radically change this. We propose that our customers can dictate their personal taste preferences to us, and that we can understand those preferences and personalize their experiences using technology. This is why we’ve built the Coffee DNA Project into the core of our service. We are running the most ambitious experiment ever into understanding the taste preferences of coffee drinkers.

The position

In a customer-centered approach to coffee, frictionless communication with our customers is everything. We're building a customer experience that aspires to give far more than it asks for. Our front-end developer will build the interfaces that make this possible. This is at the heart of our vision, and it's a key part of how we're going to radically change the $71 billion global coffee industry.

Responsive, in two ways...

We need a completely responsive digital experience. That's a given. It's important that we capture feedback from our customers when they're most engaged with our product, and that's often going to be on mobile devices. To facilitate this, our front-end developer will update our site to provide a sleek, functional, and intuitive user experience across a range of devices.

But we also believe in another kind of responsiveness that's based on our deep operating experience in the coffee space. Every coffee drinker is at a different point of knowledge, experience, desire to learn, and engagement with our product. We aspire to tailor our UI/UX to each customer as an individual -- to engage them where they are today, and to help them get to the next step that's right for them. Our front-end developer will intelligently optimize user interfaces throughout the site - and at different steps in the acquisition funnel - to be responsive to our customers in this way as well.

Internal tools...

As the only true tech startup in the coffee space, we already have more data on coffee drinkers than almost any other company. Every department - product, growth, operations, coffee and customer service - depends on this data to tighten feedback loops and drive meaningful improvements.

We believe in bringing extreme transparency to every team member by providing them with intuitive tools that non-tech people can use. Part of the front-end developer's job will be to supercharge our "internal UI" to unlock the power of our app's backend. This will empower our entire team to innovate in how we deal with our customers, how we understand our business and how we manage our supply chain.

Job requirements:

  • 3+ years experience building the front end of production applications
  • Fluency in HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Experience working in Git or similar version control systems
  • Comfortable with the back-end (Rails, PostgreSQL)
  • Ability to work in our office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with UI and/or UX design.
  • Familiarity with modern CSS/Javascript frameworks.
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